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Axl Jet's Quest
Axl jet's quest logo transparent
The logo for the game.
Game information
 Developer(s)  Psonic
 Publisher(s)  Psonic
 Designer(s)  Axl Jet Eno-Lee R. Baños
 Artist(s)  Axl Jet Eno-Lee R. Baños
 Composer(s)  Various
 Engine  Space Monsters Engine
 Platform(s)  PC
 Release date(s)  TBA
 Genre(s)  Top-down Shooter
 Rating(s)  TIGRS: Teen Content
 Input  Keyboard, mouse
 Next  Dream Warriors
Release chronology
 Successor  Dream Warriors

Axl Jet's Quest is an upcoming futuristic top-down shooter game that will be created with Game Maker 8 as a future project by Psonic, based on its creator's conceptual ideas, and with its gameplay elements being influenced from Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, Quake, Duke Nukem 3D, Alien Swarm, Theseus: Return of the Hero and Shadow Warrior. It is also the first spin-off of the Space Monsters series, first modification of the influential SM engine and the first game to focus on Axl Jet, the one and only eponymous protagonist.


After doing the important updates of Space Monsters, Axl Jet Baños, the franchise creator, has an idea to make an actual spin-off with the same top-down shooter game engine as a standalone video game modification featuring an original character, who is first submitted in the internet and used for its title under his inspirational name Axl Jet, based on his real-life counterpart, but his real name has abruptly cut for the main titular character, except the range from Axl to Jet.

The title for this game has connected 2 titles: Axl Jet, referring to the self character of the real Mr. Baños on the internet, and Quest, which defines the embarking of his dreamy adventures through the futuristic setting of the Space Monsters series with science fantasy elements in his goal to defeat the bad guys who involved him rudely in the world of internet.

In addition to the game, its features take some inspirations from role-playing games like UndertaleTheseus: Return of the Hero would be its useful influence due to the same hostile creatures taken from the original Alien Shooter game, an isometric 3D-rendered top-down action game that was owned and released by a Russian video game studio Sigma Team in 2003.


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In the outside life, the special one from the Philippines who became a computer programmer and software engineer, Axl Jet, has been interestingly wishing to be a freelance hero by trying to emulate the digital open world as what he was comically doing like mastering the different styles of martial arts and target practicing. But suddenly, there's something went wrong due to program bugs. And he is aware of bad guys from the internet, such as OKFutureVoiceTalent, Cherry Korakura, Tearface, ConQuerable ™, FennekinMiku and even GLatendo, who badly/offensively involved him with their mean things against his innocence like rudely warring to each Wikia contributor, calling him gay (a term that is considered offensive), making abusive accounts for harming another, disrespecting and ruining people's opinions (most especially anything about the mean-spirited Johnny Test cartoon), article plagiarism and so on. So he wants them to get demonized for his mind. To fix this mechanical problem at the time, Axl tries some ways of his software solution for it. After that, he desperately touches the monitor's screen with his bear hands, which will cause the system to send him to the dimension of a dreamy open world.

In a dreamy open world, where the virtual reality takes place, Axl is falling from the lower height of the dimension appeared at the top. Later, he tries to find the important ways to become a mercenary and freelance hero, but there's something strange that there's a military contract of R.H.S. (Recom Hero Squad), one of the unified military forces of Recom, came out from no where. So he found it and signs his signature for his research with the computer at the dream-looking house he owns as his digital project after doing his own architectural design. Meanwhile, in the house, the military contract itself is revealed that the main leader of R.H.S. is humanly named Guy Rawkins, who became autonomous due to his nice personality. Then Axl wants to contact Guy about his inspirational adventure and the request in order to hopefully join R.H.S. as the heroic organization for his approval until he meets up with each other.

To start the sequence of adventurous chapters, Axl goes out from the house and is ready for his quest for what he completes as a good guy in the story, especially beating the evil guys based on the real-life usernames from YouTube, DeviantArt, Wikia and the other websites on the internet. So the dreamy adventure of Axl has begun.


This game will be a Shadow Warrior-esque top-down shooter and with a similar gameplay elements to Alien Swarm.

Game modes

This game contains 3 modes.


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The player must survive as long as they can slaughter the waves of enemies approaching after them.



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