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Axl Jet Baños
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 Full Name  Axl Jet Eno-Lee R. Baños
 Alias(es)  Axl, Jet Jet, Jet
 Birthday  September 14, 1996
 Origin  The Philippines General Santos City, South Cotabato, Philippines
 Residence  General Santos City, South Cotabato, Philippines
 Age  21
 Nationality  Filipino
 Family/Relative(s)  Rene Alfredo D. Baños (father), Lourdes Regala Baños (mother), Kyrie Eleison Regala Baños (Sister), Sky Exel Eir Baños (nephew)
 Alma mater  Notre Dame of Dadiangas University
 Occupation  Student (formerly), college graduate, game designer, hobbyist, computer programmer
 Hobby(ies)  Computer, strolling, drawing
 Years active  2010-present
 Notable work(s)  Space Monsters
 Home town  General Santos City
 Website  Axl Jet's Webs
 Gender  Male
 Height  6 ft.
 Weight  90 kg
 Ethnicity  Filipino
 Hair color  Black
 Eye color  Dark brown
 Blood type  AB
 Status  Alive

Axl Jet Baños is a Filipino former student, college graduate, video game designer, hobbyist and computer programmer as well as the series creator of the Space Monsters franchise and the only sole member of Psonic, an Asian independent video game developer and publisher.



By the series creator's father, his first name consists of those from musical album artists: Axl from Axl Rose, Jet from Jethrodal, Eno from Bryan Eno and Lee from Devil Lee Rot.

Early life

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