Our living planet, the mother Earth.

Earth, also known as the World, the Globe, its Latin term Terra or its Greek word Gaia, is the third planet of the real Solar System distanced away from the sun and the densest and fifth-largest of the nine planets known for harboring all life. In addition, it is considered the largest of the other terrestrial planets of the Solar System: Mercury, Venus and Mars. Due to radiometric dating and other sources of evidence, Earth is formed over 4 billion years ago. Earth is universally the home world of the human race as the dominant beings because of their highly biological intelligence with the millions of the different species like dinosaurs after the humanity starts in the prehistoric years of existence. Both minerals and products of the biosphere contribute resources being used for supporting a global population. The general term of these inhabitants originated from this planet called Terran, which is derived from the Latin name, or Gaian, another term from the original Greek name. In political science, the Terran people are globally grouped into many independent or sovereign states and countries to interact through diplomacy, travel, relationship, and military acts.

Earth is canonically set to be one of the main settings in Space Monsters universe based on its real-life counterpart as well as in the first entry of the series and the other planets like Xenoria.