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Guy Rawkins
Background information
 Appearance(s)  Dream Warriors
 Full Name  Guy Arnold Rawkins
 Birthday  August 8, 1990
 Origin  The United States of America Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
 Age  28 (DW)
 Nationality  American
 Family/Relative(s)  The Rawkins family
 Friend(s)  Axl Jet (best friend), Butch Coby, Aip Monks (both special agents)
 Enemy(ies)  Skullus, creatures of nightmare, Icon of invasion and its minions of Xenoforms
 Good point  Genius sense of justice/pure of heart
 Bad point  Careless with duty
 Likes  Good friends, training, universal peace, sportsmanship, calmness, showing respect, patriotism, honor, releasing stress
 Dislikes  Organizations that are not sanctioned by the authority (e.g. gangs), domestic violence, school violence (such as bullying), Nazism (especially Adolf Hitler), fascism, terrorism, treason, dictatorship/world domination, profanity, jingoism, corruption, lying, Confederate flag, secession
 Affiliation  Recom Hero Squad
 Occupation  Adventurer, peacekeeper, autonomous leader of Recom Hero Squad (R.H.S.)
 Hobby(ies)  Spending time in military training, practicing his own skills, target practice, reading books, adventuring, mass media
 Ability(ies)  Balance, military weapons, custom style of martial arts, time travel with any teleportation devices
 Alignment  Lawful Good
 Status  Alive
 Race  Human
 Gender  Male
 Hair color  Dark brown
 Eye color  Black
 Blood type  O
Real-life information
 Designer(s)  Axl Jet Baños
 Voice(s)  Scott Porter (planned)
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