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Home-World Infestation
Homeworld infestation logo
Current Home-World infestation logo
Game information
 Developer(s)  Psonic
 Publisher(s)  Psonic
 Designer(s)  Axl Jet Eno-Lee R. Baños
 Artist(s)  Axl Jet Eno-Lee R. Baños
 Composer(s)  ET16


 Engine  Slaughter
 Platform(s)  PC
 Release date(s)  TBA
 Genre(s)  Top-down Shooter
 Rating(s)  TIGRS: Teen Content
 Input  Keyboard, mouse, joystick, game pad
 Previous  None
 Next  None
Release chronology
 Predecessor  None
 Successor  None

Home-World Infestation is an upcoming futuristic arcade-styled top-down shooter game that will be created with Game Maker 8 as a future project by Psonic, based on its creator's conceptual ideas, with its gameplay being influenced by its inspirations, such as Centipede, Robotron: 2084, Crimsonland, Alien Swarm, ShadowgroundsInfested Planet etc. It is also the spin-off within the series and the first game with multi-player co-op feature.


The concept of Home-World Infestation was titled after the inspirational video game titles: Centipede Infestation, Infested Planet and Homeworld.


The story takes place in the apocalyptic year of the late 22nd Century, where the extraterrestrial homeworld Xenoria is still exist to invade humankind. Following the pre-investigation event, Xenorians have a plan to take a control over a separated planet called Arthropolis, the homeworld of bug-like alien race. However, it was turned to be complicate and invasive to other creatures when their important mastermind is corrupted by the hostile alien invaders before being infested all over. So it leads a group of futuristic siblings called Gunner Brothers: Keith and Louis Gunner, who are fully assigned as the members of the military organization Universal Resistance Corpse for investigating the causes of attack by Xenorians in the alien planet Arthropolis, including their support of human efforts to become stronger and survive.


This game will be a Contra-esque top-down shooter and with a similar gameplay elements to Crimsonland.

Game modes

This game contains 3 modes.


The player must complete 64 levels each with their own futuristic weapons and creature layouts before leaving Arthropolis while the huge explosion over the cavern goes up.



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The player must survive as long as they can slaughter the waves of enemies approaching after them.


There are 2 playable characters for each player:

  • Keith Gunner
  • Louis Gunner


The original creator of Space Monsters, Axl Jet Baños, has a future idea that this game will might be available for dual players while his first scrolling shoot 'em up SVR is in development. But occasionally, according to his school's activity, he has more time to finish the mid-term examination on the first week of August before he will be right back online.

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