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Josh Celton
Space monsters portrait - josh
Profile portrait of Josh Celton.
Background information
 Debut  Space Monsters
 Appearance(s)  Space Monsters
 Full Name  Joshua Arthur "Josh" Celton
 Alias(es)  Arthur, Josh, Joshua, Joshua Celton
 Birthday  November 30, 2001
 Origin  Great Britain Glasgow, Scotland, Britain (United Kingdom)
 Age  23-24 (SM)
27-28 (SM2)
 Nationality  British
 Family/Relative(s)  Matthew Celton (father), Fiona Celton (mother)
 Friend(s)  Billmore Hawkins (his best friend), Sam Ramsen (supporter), General Baxter (important commander), Deck Homwell, Brake Andrens, Rina Stock
 Enemy(ies)  Roki and his invasive minions, Syrax (Roki's successor)
 Good point  Wisdom and respectful
 Bad point  Unlucky
 Likes  Golf, British food, English culture, making contacts, McLaren automobiles (especially McLaren F1, the fastest car in the world)
 Dislikes  Tasteless garbage, roads with rough surface, Swastikas (as seen during the Nazi invasion of course)
 Affiliation  Investigative Force
 Occupation  Special agent (right after the assignment of I.F.)
 Hobby(ies)  Watching sports (e.g. sports car racing), good travels, practicing his own skills
 Ability(ies)  Gaining powers with implants
 Alignment  Neutral Good
 Status  Alive
 Race  Human
 Gender  Male
 Ethnicity  Caucasian
 Hair color  Black
 Eye color  Black
Real-life information
 Designer(s)  Axl Jet Baños
 Voice(s)  Matthew Mercer (planned)
Alright, man. Let's do this together!
~ Josh Celton

Joshua Arthur Celton, also known as Josh for short or commonly Josh Celton, is one of the main protagonists in Space Monsters series alongside Sam Ramsen and his best friend, Billmore Hawkins. Mostly appeared in the first installment. He is a Scottish-born British man, military operative of the Investigative Force and the best friend of Billmore Hawkins.



Born originally in Scotland's largest city province, together with his British descendants. He's still wisdom in doing many things like doing well in his educational activities from childhood to graduation, especially some of his respects in life.

As well as the older times come, Josh continues finishing his priorities in important way to fulfill his obligations before the ambition of the civilian military training, but he was not assigned to Investigative Force yet because it was headquarted in the United States.

Probably after the long period of importance, Josh must prepare to bring his many things up for going to America as an immigrant and tell his parents to bid farewell with their current residence. Then he willingly assigns to join Investigative Force and experience more military performances rather than what he expected in the past. However, he will go in charge together with his fellow resistance members to resist against other threats around the world.


Although this person is a Scottish-born, he has the first name called "Josh". It was used by the English civilization but it is considered as a diminutive term of the given biblical name "Joshua", native to Israel.[1]

His middle initial "Arthur" comes from the legendary British knight from England who became a powerful leader and defend against Saxon invaders many years ago in both 5th and early 6th centuries.[2]

His surname "Celton" is a Gaelic term which means wisdom and strength. It has another derivation from Greek mythology that defines itself as "Hero", the variant of Celtus Son of Hercules.[3]


Josh's character design appears to be a young man. He has short black hair and black eyes. In the first Space Monsters game, he wears his military apparels: a dark blue jacket, a black army belt, green military pants, black pistol holster and black army boots. Canonically in the game, he will be seen as a mugshot and at the central part of side-scrolling third-person view like other playable characters.


Josh was known to be wise in all times. He is similarly kind to Billmore and the rest of humankind shall not be forgotten by himself if it would be important to many Earthlings as well as animals. But seriously, he supposed to be with his fighting spirit in order to gain more strength in taking down evil ones and their events.


Space Monsters

Josh has reported to the organization's duty during the outbrake of its alien-infested base from human evacuation. Though he supports both operatives (Sam and Billmore) to go and investigate what would happened if the aliens keep invading anywhere from other teleportation devices after the enormous legion on Earth. Their main accomplishment is to clear various areas from Roki and the rest of his disgusting minions in reaching up to survival. Right after performing the first incident, he and his allies are about to investigate the secondary case during the revival of Syrax, Roki's another successful ringleader of alien invaders.


  • His hairstyle is much similar to the titular hero, Serious Sam from the series of the same name.
  • In fact, his parents are English due to his origin in Scotland.



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