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Lincoln County, Nevada
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 Country  United States of America
 State  Nevada
 Location  Southeastern Nevada
 Named for  Abraham Lincoln
 Area  21273.8 sq mi (55099 km2)
 Time zone  UTC-8/-7
 Population  5,036
 Seat  Pioche
 Largest city  Caliente
 Established  1866
 Status  Active
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 Based on  Lincoln County, Nevada

Lincoln County is a county located in the American state known as Nevada. As of 2010, the total amount of population was 5,345. The state's county seat is Pioche, which is an unincorporated town, and its largest city is Caliente.


Lincoln County was founded in 1866 following the congressional enlargement of Nevada, moving its state line eastward and southward at the expense of both Utah and Arizona states. It is named after the former US president Abraham Lincoln's surname. Original legislation called for the creation of a "Stewart County", after Nevada Senator William M. Stewart, but this was later changed in a substitute bill. Crystal Springs was the county's first seat in 1866, followed by Hiko in 1867, and Pioche in 1871.

Lincoln County initially included the city of Las Vegas. However Las Vegas was separated from Lincoln County which established Clark County effective in July 1, 1909 from the act of the Nevada Legislature.

Area 51 is secretly located in Lincoln County and the county sheriff acts in proxy for the perimeter security forces.

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