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Space Monsters Wiki

43px This user is a Space Monsters Wiki editor.

STAFF This one is a Space Monsters Wiki staff.

43px This user is a translator of Space Monsters Wiki.

{{Userboxes/Wiki editor}} {{Userboxes/Wiki Staff}} {{Userboxes/Wiki Translator}}
Power-512 This user owns a bot account.

Rightsuserboximage This user has been an administrator since Month Day, Year.

Very-Basic-Checkmark-icon This one patrols over the recent changes log.

{{Userboxes/Bot owner}} {{Userboxes/Admin}} {{Userboxes/Recent Changes Patroller}}
Colorize-256 This one performs a lot of imagery for this wiki site.

43px This user loves surfing the net via random pages.

Rightsuserboximage This user has been a wiki member since Month Day, Year.

{{Userboxes/Image Editor}} {{Userboxes/Loves random}} {{Userboxes/Member}}


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DE Dieser benutzer spricht als muttersprache auf Deutsch.

EN This user is a native speaker in English.

ES Este usuario es un hablante nativo de Español.

{{Userboxes/User de}} {{Userboxes/User en}} {{Userboxes/User es}}
FR Cet utilisateur est un locuteur natif en Français.

IT Questo utente è un madrelingua in Italiano.

JA この利用者は日本語のネイティブスピーカーです。

{{Userboxes/User fr}} {{Userboxes/User it}} {{Userboxes/User ja}}
KO 이 사용자는 한국어 네이티브 스피커 입니다 .

PL Ten użytkownik jestnative speaker w języku Polskim.

PT Este usuário é um falante nativo em Português.

{{Userboxes/User ko}} {{Userboxes/User pl}} {{Userboxes/User pt}}
RU Этот пользовательродной на русском языке.

ZH 此用户是中国的母语。

NL Deze gebruiker is een native speaker in Nederlandse .

{{Userboxes/User ru}} {{Userboxes/User zh}} {{Userboxes/User nl}}

Space Monsters

PWN. This user pwns or owns you.

Recomerc This user is a member of Recom Hero Squad (RHS).

If insignia This user is a member of special military organization called Investigative Force.

{{Userboxes/Owns}} {{Userboxes/RMS member}} {{Userboxes/IF member}}

Veteran status

43px This user is a mercenary.



3692 453c02a9dbe47 This user doesn't have any userboxes in their own profile page... Wait for a moment...

1365193232 Guy-with-Question-Mark-over-his-headFotolia 102829 XS This user appears to be namelessly anonymous. Guess who?

43px This user is not A MORON!

{{Userboxes/No_box}} {{Userboxes/No_name}} {{Userboxes/Not moron}}
43px This user is A MORON!

Tiger woods nike grin This user is silly but not to be taken seriously.

43px This user has been commited idiocy. Sorry about that.

{{Userboxes/Moron}} {{Userboxes/Silly}} {{Userboxes/Idiot}}
;-I This user is now completely insane.

Photoshop-CS6-Icon This user knows how to use Photoshop.

Flash Flash is fun to this user.

{{Userboxes/Insane}} {{Userboxes/Photoshop}} {{Userboxes/Flash}}
1000px-The GIMP icon - gnome.svg This user knows his/her/their way around GIMP.

Junior Icon 04 2 This user's website for name of your website must be mentioned in [your website URL here].

43px This user put many user boxes.

{{Userboxes/GIMP}} {{Userboxes/Website}} {{Userboxes/Overuse}}
43px The chat role-play character of this user is Character.

Nostalgia critic resized This user knows it so you don't have to.

Tumblr mhq1mxT7VM1r5wwvjo3 500 This user remembers a trash-talking video gamer.

{{Userboxes/Roleplaychar}} {{Userboxes/NC}} {{Userboxes/AVGN}}
Male As you can see the gender information above, this user is Male

Female As you can see the gender information above, this user is Female

TAG 113309 What's up, guys? This user is Touhou fan.

{{Userboxes/Male}} {{Userboxes/Female}} {{Userboxes/Touhou}}
Rainbow-Dash-rainbow-dash-28279042-200-200 This user is brony because of becoming a My Little Pony fan. Deal with it.

Birthday-cake-popcorn This user's birthday is Birth date.

Heavynotbigsurpries This user is now defunct or gone. Not big surprise.

{{Userboxes/Brony}} {{Userboxes/Birthday}} {{Userboxes/Defunct}}
The favorite color of this user is white.

43px This user's favorite character from Space Monsters series is your favorite Space Monsters character.

GameMaker This user dreams of creating their own games with the game creation software like Game Maker.

{{Userboxes/Fav color}} {{Userboxes/Fav smchar}} {{Userboxes/Gamemakerdream}} This user uses Paint.NET as his/her/their open-source paint program.

220px-Nyan cat 250px frame This user loves Nyan Cat a lot.

Dopefish lives kakkit This user loves to see the humorous aquatic creature and say "Dopefish lives!". Swim, swim and hungry, but a dumb fish!

{{Userboxes/}} {{Userboxes/Nyan}} {{Userboxes/Dopefish}}
Anti trollface by dennisdrake1-d7m1w20 Whoa! This user hates wierdos a lot.

KanColle icon This user is the Kantai Collection fan. Beware of those WWII ships that turned into girls because he or she loves them too.

{{Userboxes/Hate wierdo}} {{Userboxes/KanColle}}

Your role-playing character

For other uses of your favorite Space Monsters character, See List of Userboxes/Roleplaychar

Your favorite character from Space Monsters series

For other uses of your favorite Space Monsters character, See List of Userboxes/Fav smchar

Foods and drinks

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43px This user is from Country.

For more uses, See List of Userboxes/Nationality


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89efd5db-0810-4c68-b3f2-e2c00634aa5e Attention! This user made a profile for the social media, 4chan. It must be seen by clicking [your 4chan profile URL here].

Flickr-dots-icon-200px This user has already made a Flickr profile and must be located [your Flickr profile URL here].

Gamebanana icon This user creates skins and some stuff at Gamebanana. So their account must be in [your Gamebanana profile URL here].

{{Userboxes/4chan}} {{Userboxes/Flickr}} {{Userboxes/Gamebanana}}
Googleplus-revised This user's Google+ account can be found [your Google+ profile URL here].

Active-Instagram-3-icon This user has already created a profile for Instagram, which can be found [your Instagram profile URL here].

Newgrounds-icon This user made Newgrounds account, and it must be in [your Newgrounds profile URL here]. Anything for anyone.

{{Userboxes/Google plus}} {{Userboxes/Instagram}} {{Userboxes/Newgrounds}}
Pinterest Favicon This user's Pinterest account has been constructed. So it can be found [your Pinterest profile URL here].

Reddit-icon This user is a Reddit-or and it must be found [your Reddit profile URL here].

Transparent skype icon by snowbowlkirby-d7ahwix This user is oddly enough to use Skype and the profile named Your Skype profile.

{{Userboxes/Pinterest}} {{Userboxes/Reddit}} {{Userboxes/Skype}}
New steam icon by xxputxx-d7ua3em This user has a Steam account, which will be located [your Steam profile URL here].

Stumbleupon This user created a StumbleUpon profile, which can be seen [your StumbleUpon account URL here].

Hi-124-9 This user created a Tumblr account, which must be located [your Tumblr account URL here].

{{Userboxes/Steam}} {{Userboxes/Stumbleupon}} {{Userboxes/Tumblr}}
Webs-128 This user has created a Webs account, which can be found [your Webs URL here].

Wordpress-logo-notext-rgb This user supports Wordpress.

Icon xfire This user has an Xfire account and go [Your Xfire profile here].

{{Userboxes/Webs}} {{Userboxes/Wordpress}} {{Userboxes/Xfire}}
Youtube-for-ios-app-icon-full-size This user has made a YouTube channel and can be located [your YouTUbe channel URL here].

Dailymotion android icon This user made an account for another video-sharing site, Dailymotion. It can be found[your Dailymotion profile URL here].

New da icon This user has DeviantArt account, which can be located [your deviantArt profile page URL here].

{{Userboxes/YouTube}} {{Userboxes/Dailymotion}} {{Userboxes/Deviantart}}
Livejournal-icon This user has a LiveJournal account and go [your LiveJournal profile URL here].

Larrybird-2 This user has made a Twitter account. So it must be followed [your Twitter profile URL here].

1C6958411-4.blocks desktop small This user has a Facebook profile, which can be retrieved [your Facebook profile URL here].

{{Userboxes/LiveJournal}} {{Userboxes/Twitter}} {{Userboxes/Facebook}}
Fp This user loves to surf Facepunch. So the account is in [Your Facepunch profile URL here].

GameJolt This one has a profile for an indie game site namely Game Jolt. It can be found [your Game Jolt profile URL here].

Smallwikipedialogo This user has Wikipedia profile used for free encyclopedia. So [your Wikipedia profile URL here] it is.

{{Userboxes/Facepunch}} {{Userboxes/Game Jolt}} {{Userboxes/Wikipedia}}
Apple-touch-icon This user already has Indie DB for indie games. It must be in the [your Indie DB profile URL external link].

{{Userboxes/Indie DB}}


Angry-bird-icon This user is an Angry Birds nerd.

L97997-rovio-logo-51104 This user is interested in playing games made by Rovio Entertainment.

Cave story icon by ambits-d4ja9j7 This user is interested in playing Cave Story/Doukutsu Monogatari.

{{Userboxes/Angry Birds}} {{Userboxes/Rovio}} {{Userboxes/Cave Story}}
Counter-strike source 4 This user loves to play Counter-Strike series by Valve.

Cut-the-rope-monster This user likes Om Nom the cute monster and plays Cut the Rope series of puzzle games.

Day of Defeat Icon PNG by xilefian This user plays the series of World War II FPS, Day of Defeat.

{{Userboxes/Counter Strike}} {{Userboxes/Cut the Rope}} {{Userboxes/Day of Defeat}}
Dota 2 hq icon by benashvili-d50zkff This user wants to play Dota 2.

G0001 This user loves to play Garry's Mod (or simply Gmod).

Half Life Logo by Zeptozephyr This user prefers to play Half-Life.

{{Userboxes/Dota 2}} {{Userboxes/Gmod}} {{Userboxes/Half-Life}}
Half-Life-2-Icon This user supports Half-Life 2 as a sequel.

Left 4 Dead Dock Icon by dexxaboy This user plays the terrifying zombie-infected apocalypse game, Left 4 Dead.

Steamless l4d2 This user plays another zombie-infected apocalypse game, Left 4 Dead 2.

{{Userboxes/Half-Life 2}} {{Userboxes/Left 4 Dead}} {{Userboxes/Left 4 Dead 2}}
5547-256x256x32 This one likes to play an endless sandbox game called Minecraft.

Mugen-icon This user supports M.U.G.E.N as an open-source fighting game customization software.

Portal dock icon by GameDreamer This user plays the first installment of Portal series.

{{Userboxes/Minecraft}} {{Userboxes/Mugen}} {{Userboxes/Portal}}
Article img This user is active to play Portal 2

1769829-plant peashooter thumb This user prevents zombies from entering the lawn.

Icone tf2 final imite This user plays Team Fortress 2 a lot.

{{Userboxes/Portal2}} {{Userboxes/Pvz}} {{Userboxes/Team Fortress}}
Avatar c541aaa5580c 128 This user is a Terraria nerd.

Worms 3d 1 12739 5694 image 8227 This user loves to blast some invertebrates to each other with much weapons.

Roblox This user likes to play Roblox.

{{Userboxes/Terraria}} {{Userboxes/Worms}} {{Userboxes/Roblox}}
Kof12icon This user is a fan of SNK Playmore's famous fighting game series titled The King of Fighters.

Tekken-Character-Icons-tekken-240415 200 200 This user is a fan of Namco's hard-hitting fighting game series, Tekken.

Streetfighter-IV-new-2-icon SHORYUKEN! This user is a fan of Capcom's famous fighting game series titled Street Fighter.

{{Userboxes/KOF}} {{Userboxes/Tekken}} {{Userboxes/Street Fighter}}
Quake-icon This user considers a fan of Quake series.

Doom custom icon by thedoctor45-d3hsp3f This user mercilessly plays Doom, the gory FPS game.

Etlegacy This user enjoys playing the Wolfenstein series. Remember to say down with Nazis!

{{Userboxes/Quake}} {{Userboxes/Doom}} {{Userboxes/Wolfenstein}}
65px-Game icon 630 This user has an interest to clear out alien infestations in Alien Swarm.

Clash-of-Clans-icon This individual is still interested in defending their town that is under a siege by some online participants or attacking the other towns online to loot more resources.

Pokeball icon This trainer is a fan of Pokemon. Gonna catch 'em all!

{{Userboxes/Alien Swarm}} {{Userboxes/COC}} {{Userboxes/Pokemon}}
Undertale heart cursor by agent p1uto-d9jtq0a This user is a fan of Undertale, an independent role-playing game.

Skullgirls logo-600x376 This user is a fan of the 2D fighting game titled Skullgirls.

Freedom planet dock icon by incognitoza-d7u2t9w This user loves to liberate the planet with the main trio.

{{Userboxes/Undertale}} {{Userboxes/Skullgirls}} {{Userboxes/Freedom Planet}}


Well this section is still incomplete or missing. Please help us improve this.


Well this section is still incomplete or missing. Please help us improve this.

TV Shows

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Well this section is still incomplete or missing. Please help us improve this.

Personal Computer

AMD E RGB This one's CPU is powered by AMD.

Aol This one uses America Online to browse websites.

Ati-inverse-large This user has a display with ATI.

{{Userboxes/Amd}} {{Userboxes/AOL}} {{Userboxes/ATI}}
Google Chrome icon new This one uses Google Chrome as his/her/their internet browser.

Google-Chrome-Chromium-icon This one uses Chromium as his/her/their internet browser.

Windows-8-Icon-Color This user runs Microsoft Windows and doesn't know how compatible the version is.

{{Userboxes/Chrome}} {{Userboxes/Chromium}} {{Userboxes/Windows}}
Firefox-512 This one uses Mozilla Firefox as his/her/their internet browser.

Intel-logo This one's CPU has Intel inside.

MetroUI-Browser-Internet-Explorer-8-icon This one uses Internet Explorer as his/her/their internet browser.

{{Userboxes/Firefox}} {{Userboxes/Intel}} {{Userboxes/Internet Explorer}}
Linux penguin-icon This user has a penguin-based operating system called Linux. Just love penguins though.

Mac os This user generates the power of apples by using Macintosh operating system.

351px-Nvidia logo.svg This user has a display with NVIDIA.

{{Userboxes/Linux}} {{Userboxes/Mac}} {{Userboxes/NVIDIA}}
Real new Opera icon This one uses Opera as his/her/their internet browser.

Safari-White This one uses Safari as his/her/their internet browser.

Winamp This user modifies this wiki while listening to music in Winamp.

{{Userboxes/Opera}} {{Userboxes/Safari}} {{Userboxes/Winamp}}