Long Passage Headquarters
 Full Name  Long Passage Headquarters
 Alias(es)  Long Passage Complex
Stuckholmes Complex
Stuckholmes Base of Operations
Stuckholmes Facility of Operations
Stuckholmes Complex of Operations
Long Passage Base of Operations
Long Passage Complex of Operations
Long Passage Headquarters of Operations
Stuckholmes Headquarters
Stuckholmes Headquarters of Operations
Long Passage Base
 Type  Military, Science and Business Complex
 Evironment  Rural
 Country  United States of America
 State  Oregon
 County  Douglas
 City  Stuckholmes City
 Location  Somewhere in Stuckholmes City
 Appearance(s)  Space Monsters
 Affiliation(s)  Bio-Mesa Corporation
Security forces
United States Army
Various science organizations
 Established  1996 (exact date unknown)
 Event(s)  Long Passage Incident
 Status  Abandoned
Real-life information
 Designer(s)  Axl Jet Baños

The Long Passage Headquarters (also known as the Long Passage Complex, Stuckholmes Complex, or other names mentioned in the info box) is the main location within Stuckholmes City, where the alien incident took place in the first Space Monsters game. It is a large modern complex, originally built by the crew of an unknown American organization in the year 1996 during modern times and usually made up of office for business, facilities, sewer, laboratories for modern sciences, factory and military bases for military operations. When the construction is done, the security forces, former military personnel of the U.S. Army, scientists and some members of the Bio-Mesa Corporation were invited there. While it appeared that the complex was happening its age as it was beginning to fall apart, it has been upgraded with modern and futuristic technologies, imported from America, Japan, South Korea and some developed countries.



When the plan for constructing the complex starts in 1994, a construction group is looking for where it could be built within Douglas County, Oregon.

Early age


Before the incident

Long Passage Incident


Floor plan



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