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Outbreak in Long Passage Complex




The Revival


Alien invasion




Long Passage Headquarters, Stuckholmes City, Oregon, United States of America


Office Disaster
The Shaft
Outer Passage
Inner Passage
Laboratory Hazard
Clear Up
Mysterious Target


  • I.F. operatives seized the main target of Roki
  • The original case ends before the coming of the successor



  • Secure anywhere around the long passages of an army complex
  • Investigate the main target caused by the invasion
  • Eliminate the aggressive alien invaders and their mastermind Roki


Be a hero and defeat the monster aliens from outer space to save humanity.
~ Briefing of the first campaign

The Long Passage Incident or Outbreak in Long Passage Complex is a dangerous engagement that enormously involves in 2025, a spectacular year took place in the original installment of Space Monsters series of third person top-down shooter game, where the teleportation devices from outer space fell on earth's surface before the dimensional legion of alien invaders are approaching fast to let the threat goes on, particularly inside the unknown headquarters with military complex. It would be also the first campaign chronologically. 


As you can see, their first main ringleader Roki conquers over his minions to take anywhere behind the investigation of General Baxter and his fellow important heroes for stopping this threat between them and their hostiles, which represent dangerous creatures.


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Behind the scenes

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