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Machine Gun
The Machine Gun for the game is based on the M16A2 assault rifle
 Damage  8 (per shot)
 Radius  1
 Range  Any distance
 Firing mode  Automatic
 Reloading speed  Normal
 Speed  Instant
 Length  Medium
 Weight  Light
 Cost  1000
 Weapon type  Firearm
 Ammo type  Bullets
 Ammo capacity  80
 Carry capacity  10/800 (Level 1)
12/960 (Level 2)
14/1120 (Level 3)
16/1280 (Level 4)
18/1440 (Level 5)
 Appearance(s)  Space Monsters
 User(s)  Billmore Hawkins
Josh Celton
Sam Ramsen
Deck Homwell
Brake Andrens
Rina Stock
 Score  150
A Machine Gun (also called Assault Rifle, Autorifle or Automatic Rifle) is a portable assault rifle-like, fully automatic weapon used for protagonists in Space Monsters series, particularly found inside the headquarters during the 2nd or 3rd mission of the primary campaign in the first installment. Like any automatic firearms, it can rapidly shoots many bullets ahead when triggered.


If you keep firing in any direction during in-game mission, you will check whether the enemies are nearby or not. Likewise, it dealt the weaker damage but becoming stronger is the best way as you keep doing that kind of tactic and effective against lighter foes easily. To save your ammunition, hold the trigger to conserve the firing time limit in 80 rounds before it gets depleted and you'll might wish to get some bullets from crates or inside the room.

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