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Oh, my fellow one! You've been died because of the strife of mankind. What will I do if you are not able to understand this? Never mind. I'll make inspirations from you to conquer and survive.
~ Syrax's inspirational talk upon the death of Roki

Masterminds, including supercomputers, are powerful ringleaders who control their several underlings geniusly in the origin of the alien homeworld, Xenoverse. They also make the extraterrestrial life meaningful to their bretherens but the message of Earth said that their forms are evolved from outer space and descended into their specific residence anywhere.

Through the series, masterminds can initially serve as the main antagonists of their own rivals known as humans, humanoids or other Earthlings related to humankind. However, they rule over Earth and the whole parts of the solar system anytime to continue their domination and survive the extraterrestrial kind if the planetary or universal crisis has begun.

For example, Roki planned to travel Earth into dimension with the possession of warp to take over mankind but failed due to the first accomplishment of Investigative Force. Yet Syrax avenges his predecessor's death and change his deeds to resume the journey before the second investigation occurs. Everytime the allies detect, they are targeted as dictators or evil rulers over the planet, mostly in their own world.

List of masterminds



  • Con-Alien - also known as Cranius Mephistus or Icon of Invasion, the first successful supercomputer.
  • ELIM - an acronym for Extraterrestrial Lifeform Intelligence Module.
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