The term Recom is a given phenomenon with a combination meaning Resistance Command for the heroic military purposes in every sub-series of Space Monsters franchise.

It has many important heroic activities like liberation, protection of the innocence, rescue missions, peacekeeping, investigating incidents, saving the universe from invasion, defending allied bases and counter-terrorism. Besides, it is originally operated by the ideas of counter-terrorism leaders such as Colonel Bludips and General Morcan Mysterion after overriding in combat engagement with a small group of brigade terrorists, definitely known as Blackfoot.

As a word abbreviates, it is referred to as R.C. in some point, but not useful and to be initial as letter "R" before each acronym of affiliated organizations combines together with.


There are 5 groups that can be possibly considered and linked with this term as its affiliates. However, the list is headed below as follows:



  • It's unusual acronym, "R.C.", has a similar definition of an American-brand softdrink called Royal Crown Cola. In the other hand, it doesn't mean to confuse with the other meanings.
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