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Space monsters portrait - roki
Profile portrait of Roki.
Background information
 Debut  Space Monsters
 Appearance(s)  Space Monsters
 Full Name  Roki
 Alias(es)  Loki, The first mastermind
 Origin  Xenoria (Alien homeworld)
 Age  Unknown
 Family/Relative(s)  Syrax (spiritual successor)
 Friend(s)  As above
 Enemy(ies)  Humans, Investigative Force
 Good point  Genius
 Bad point  Untrustworthy to humanity
 Likes  Universal conquering
 Dislikes  Humankind, accepting withdrawal
 Affiliation  Space monsters
 Occupation  Mastermind
 Hobby(ies)  Destroying humankind
 Ability(ies)  Massive destruction
 Alignment  Lawful Evil
 Status  Deceased
 Race  Modified alien
 Gender  Unknown
Real-life information
 Designer(s)  Axl Jet Baños
 Voice(s)  Patrick Seitz (planned)

Death to all traitors! I am Roki, the mastermind and the fellow of my successor. What? Who's that? A human garbage is here to challenge me? Ha ha ha! If you dare, then I will make revenge on you before I rule this Earth and the whole universe. So that there will be no humanity forever... Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!
~ Roki's introduction before the boss fight with a protagonist

Roki is a main antagonist in the first campaign of Space Monsters, appearing as the final boss in the 12th mission of the first campaign only.



This creature was raised by the entire alien race of Xenoria, an extraterrestrial homeworld that is much similar to the outermost planet behind a background of the original Space Invaders arcade game. As he grows older, he stays with his fellow alien minds for a long time but only in his current residence. Then he decided to become a mastermind if he wishes to command his minions under the control for the invasion, together his older successful descendant, Syrax.

On the other days before the events of Space Monsters in 2025, Roki recieved a message from Earth that some extraterrestrial creatures invaded in parts of our solar system, where 9 real-life planets exist. And send his army of extraterrestrial monsters to invade the planet and dominate over humankind, which will might be implemented to General Baxter's situation because he seeks against his relationship to humankind in alien life entirely.


Roki was derived from Japanese mispronunciation of the mythological god of chaos, Loki. This is due to the lack of difference between L and R voices.


Roki has armored silver plates on his own quadropod body resembling a spider-like creature with his brain inside the central part. Thus, he is preceded to Syrax because his armor is much weaker than before and his battling skills need to perform a lot stronger.


Mysteriously, Roki can be described himself as a bigger bad who commits evil act against humanity on Earth, but only the extraterrestrial kind is much trusted to him.


Space Monsters

During the Long Passage Incident, Roki summons his enormous forces to invade Earth and dominates over mankind while General Baxter is sending his operatives to save along with the resistance if the problem causes that.

As Roki dies, Syrax will be the one to finish his previous occupational plan once more.


Background information
 Debut  Space Monsters
 Encountered in  Long Passage Incident
 Type  Powerful boss
 Based on  Quadruped walker
 Height  Big
 Weight  Heavy
 Affiliation  Space Monsters
 Role  Boss
 Armament  Blaster cannons
 Rarity  Unique
 Vitality  30000
 Armor type  Extraterrestrial armor
 Speed  Slow
 Attack(s)  Shooting its blaster cannons
 Damage  60 (per shot)
120 (total)
 Attack range  6
 Sight range  20
In-game information
 Score  15000
 Experience  80

If Roki's vitality is depleted, then it dies after its last words.

As a final boss, Roki is a bit powerful than the other minions. It shoots twin bullets using huge cannons towards the direction but much dodgy if the player is keep staying in one place too long while the flat teleportation devices are summoning space aliens as its supporters from dimension of the planet Xenoria to the visitation inside the underground section that can cause launching the attack on him or her. When it dies, you will see its last words from the message log of the HUD and the conclusion of the first campaign before the continuation of the second campaign in expansion update as its replacement.



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