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Sam Ramsen
Space monsters portrait - sam
Profile portrait of Sam Ramsen.
Background information
 Debut  Space Monsters
 Appearance(s)  Space Monsters
 Full Name  Samantha Alexandra Ramsen
 Alias(es)  Amazon, Sammy, Sam Ramsen
 Birthday  August 15, 2002
 Origin  The United States of America Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States of America
 Age  22-23 (SM)
26-27 (SM2)
 Nationality  American
 Family/Relative(s)  Deceased father
 Friend(s)  Billmore Hawkins, Josh Celton (heroic supporters), General Baxter (honorable commander), Deck Homwell, Brake Andrens, Rina Stock (best friend)
 Enemy(ies)  Roki and his invasive minions, Syrax (Roki's successor)
 Good point  Heart of purity/Kind-hearted
 Bad point  A bit selfish
 Likes  Military fashion, martial arts, chips, fries, circus, stylish stuff, sweet food, her parents
 Dislikes  Criminality, dark-minded people, anyone who gets in her way
 Affiliation  Investigative Force
 Occupation  Detective, I.F. special agent
 Hobby(ies)  Acrobatics, her military styles, stealth
 Ability(ies)  Gaining powers with implants
 Alignment  Lawful Good
 Status  Alive
 Race  Human
 Gender  Female
 Ethnicity  Caucasian
 Hair color  Brown
 Eye color  Dark brown
Real-life information
 Designer(s)  Axl Jet Baños
 Voice(s)  Kari Wahlgren (planned)
Sir, we will pass this way together before these space brutes will might surprise us. Just be quiet for stealth.
~ Sam Ramsen

Samantha Alexandra Ramsen, also known as Amazon, Sammy, Sam for short or commonly Sam Ramsen, is one of the main protagonists in Space Monsters series as the first true heroine who appears in her debut. She is an American military detective and special agent, working for the Investigative Force.



Since Sam was born as a child, her parents are still currently staying in their residence where the improved company is headquarted. She has a good heart to show herself perfectly, flawless and understand what she feels like but sometimes, only few emotions and other redeemed things can be experienced. Also, she relates her friends good deeds as a part of child kindness.

When Sam is gonna be older from taking a long time, she strives harder in completing her obligations from schooling life to graduation before embarking her search for a specific organization, unless her many parts of everyday training are completed. As a detective, she eventually goes to Investigative Force as her chosen military organization and assign her account with its main ringleader, General Baxter. Then she finally joined the resistance (just before the events of the first game) with other members of the task force, such as Billmore Hawkins.


Her first name, "Sam", would be the name of both genders but some people confused about it.

Her surname "Ramsen" comes from the city of Schaffhausen in northern Switzerland. It is also a term used interchangeably with perfection. On the other hand, this typical male name came from a great ancient culture.[1] Although "Ramsen" is used for an Assyrian leader or king, it is one of the quickest, best drivers in the universe.


Sam made her appearance as a young woman who shall perform her tasks like any situations of Investigative Force. Her design has a short brown hair and dark brown eyes. In the first Space Monsters game, she wears a black shirt, a black military belt, a pair of skimpy denim black shorts, black pistol holster on her right leg and a pair of black footwear. She is also described a special agent with much acrobatics and stealth tactics.


Sam is kind-hearted as a remaining state of herself. Of course, she takes such good care of anyone who already knows her, but she feels a little bit emotional when minded of something negative.


Space Monsters

Sam could be a playable character but with default stats as the other ones have. She and the team of allies have confirmed that they immediately investigate through the first incident in alien-infested military complex with an army of antagonists. Then for the sake of General Baxter's emergency, they are willing to take down Roki and his massive group of alien invaders together from conquering any locations of the main setting like in its offices, warehouses and experimental laboratories.

As the protagonists reached the goal of the first campaign, Syrax looks upon his predecessor's avenging censation and take all of his actions, which will be inspired to continue the journey until IF's second investigation begins, together with three additional survivors.


  • Her appearance strongly resembles Jill Valentine from Resident Evil series.



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