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Scene 1: Prologue


Monster Alien Invasion

Date: AD 2025

In the future on Earth, the experimental research of biological science has discovered the monster-like creatures, especially aliens. Most of the time, the long passages of military complex remain dark. However, the teleporation devices are falling onto the Earth before they have been landed. The aliens appeared from teleportation devices and they can infest offices, storehouse, experimental laboratories and somewhere in the base. Now, humanity is in danger again and the monster alien invasion has begun.

General Baxter reported an alert when the aliens invaded base of secret governmental research. He wants you to operate the simple mission: Clear the mysterious laboratories, offices, storehouses, secret area and anywhere in the base at all cost. You will be provided to go and get explosives to open up the sealed doors into these top secret areas, they had security systems and measures in place. So, there will be stationary machine gun turret available to take them down. The government has given access to the most advanced weaponry available in hopes of ridding the problem after recieving many casualties of previous military assault. Also, you gain implants to become superhuman.

Be a hero and defeat the monster aliens from outer space to save humanity.

Scene 2: The First Mission

Mission 1: Infiltration

This is the penetration where you can gain dynamite to open through the secret area of the base if the aliens invaded there. Watch out. The aliens will might ambush at you.


- Find the way to open the security gate.

- Turn on the generator in order to enter inside the office.

Scene 3: The Second Mission

Mission 2: Office Disaster

After you enter here in the base, it's having trouble that there is a disaster. Office personnel are slain by the monsters you encountered but someone are evacuated. At the moment of time, they will threaten mankind. You must find the way behind this disaster


- Find and turn on the generator to activate the systems.

Scene 4: The Third Mission

Mission 3: Blockade

This must be the dead end. The security personnel blocked some doors to save their lives from monsters destroying this area. But you need to escape.


- Use dynamites to eliminate blockages.

- Find the way out.

Scene 5: The Fourth Mission

Mission 4: The Shaft

It's too dark in here and flooded. The flashlight is automatically turned on by using if you have it. You must pump the water away and go out.


- Turn on the electric pump.

Scene 6: The Fifth Mission

Mission 5: Outer Passage

You have made the way out from shaft but the infestation is still somewhere in underground areas and alien teleportation devices are appeared. The only way to get there is to the apartment of the base.


- Get the dynamites.

- Destroy the teleportation devices but if it's too hard to shoot them, just use explosives.

- Find the way out.

Scene 7: The Sixth Mission

Mission 6: Apartment

You are in the base apartment where the aliens filled but if the security system is turned off, the doors are blocked just like when the generator malfunctions. You need to unblock the security doors by turning on the system.


- Find the generator to turn on the power supply.

Scene 8: The Seventh Mission

Mission 7: Inner Passage

It is a mass destruction between evil monster aliens. Only you can repulse an attack with autogun turret against aliens, but the teleportation devices are still there and they must be destroyed.


- Find the way out.

- Fight on your own with machine gun turret.

- Use dynamites to eliminate all teleportation devices for safety.

Scene 9: The Eighth Mission

Mission 8: Factory

This is the manufacturing site of the military complex. Remember that the doors are locked unless you find the door control systems to unlock them.


- Find the control room and unlock the door.

Scene 10: The Ninth Mission

Mission 9: Installation

It's too hard to pass the laboratory in here as labyrinth with security cards and measures. But this time, you must find the way what you can


- Find the right security cards and door switches to open doors.

- Find the way out.

Scene 11: The Tenth Mission

Mission 10: Laboratory Hazard

You are in here which the biological events examined monster-like creatures. The security system is in alert now when the dangerous intruders from teleportation devices are here but you must stop them.


- Destroy the teleportation devices.

- Find the security lab controller to deactivate the alert sirenes.

Scene 12: The Eleventh Mission

Mission 11: Clear Up

You struggled out from offices to laboratories. Now, you have to face them before you proceed to the final battle.


- Find the elevator.

- Destroy the enemy teleportation devices.

Scene 13: The Final Mission

Mission 12: Mysterious Target

This is the final target you just reached. However, this time is terrible for humankind. So you must eliminate them for returning peace, especially the evil mastermind.

Good luck!


- Defeat the boss.

Scene 14: Epilogue


The base is secured and the evil mastermind is now defeated. You have been promoted for our victorious accomplishment but some few aliens are escaped from the interior and they report it after conclusion.

To be continued for the next episode...

Scene 15: Conclusion and Reminder


You completed the first campaign of Space Monsters.

For the next update, the second campaign will come out soon and the story continues if the successor approaches.

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