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Space Monsters 2
Space monsters 2 logo with shadow
The logo for the Space Monsters sequel.
Game information
 Developer(s)  Psonic
 Publisher(s)  Psonic
 Designer(s)  Axl Jet Eno-Lee R. Baños
 Artist(s)  Axl Jet Eno-Lee R. Baños
 Composer(s)  Various
 Engine  Game Maker 8.0
 Platform(s)  PC
 Release date(s)  TBA
 Genre(s)  Top-down Shooter
 Rating(s)  TIGRS: Teen Content
 Input  Keyboard, mouse
 Previous  Space Monsters
 Next  Monster Marauders
Release chronology
 Predecessor  Space Monsters
 Successor  Space Monsters 3

Space Monsters 2 is an upcoming futuristic top-down shooter video game that will be developed with Game Maker 8 by Psonic. As the second entry of the main series, it is possibly the direct sequel to Space Monsters, which was first released in 2015, and with new game mechanics. However, the release date of this game for PC is not yet scheduled unless the announcement of the developer is revealed.


After doing the important things for Psonic's first top-down shooter video game, the Space Monsters title has been returned to this game with a super-script number 2 in chemical formula as a sequel and the second installment of the main series. Then it has stylized as Space Monsters2; not to be pronounced as Space Monsters Squared. Bio-Mesa Corporation will be introduced in this as a new organization of the series alongside Investigative Force, the known military faction, with the inclusion of the United States Army.

Axl Jet Baños, the known creator of Space Monsters series, have personally more to come for this game.


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The game sets in the year 2029 after the canonical events of Space Monsters, which were involving the 2 disastrous incidents overran by the alien invasion since the spectacular year 2025.

3 years ago, the Investigative Force have successfully accomplished their military goals in targeting the local alien threats within Stuckholmes City, Oregon, most likely securing the Long Passage Headquarters from them, navigating another science complex behind the disaster and raiding the alien-held cave as the dangerous territory of invaders. Then the Bio-Mesa Corporation, the research group of scientists (including those from both Roswell and Los Alamos, New Mexico) known for the investigative study of the most mysterious alien life in Area 51 in Lincoln County, Nevada, is having the long extraterrestrial studies about what happened to the aliens and their dimensional devices if they were visited to Long Passage Headquarters in 2025 following the Revival (chronologically set in 2026). Just like what they said about Roswell grays, they also have their scientific procedures in using their subjects on alien creatures from the previous incidents. However, there is the only scientist named Alberto Roswell, who is employed to Bio Mesa Corp and aware of causing alien outbreaks since the beginning of the dimensional overrunning since 2025.

This time around, the Lincoln County Outbreak is yet another alien incident with the military involvement of the I.F.


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Game modes

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Returning playable characters

New playable characters

Returning non-playable characters

New non-playable characters


This game is not in current development yet unless the creator is being announced after doing many things.

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