This is the first thing before you work for this wiki. The following rules and regulations are:

  • Do not advertise this wiki. Wikia advertisements are enough now.
  • Avoid spamming that can cause to receive you a permanent ban for 1 month only, including trolling.
  • Make sure you categorize articles.
  • Avoid vandalize userpages that are not main space articles, including other pages. Only administrators can edit the page if there is unacceptable contents such as broken grammar, missing hyperlinks, sense of profanity etc., but they are not valid reasons to edit them.
  • If the article is not related to this wiki, then it will be deleted and you have been warned.
  • Abusive behavior such as racism, name calling, swearing, using hate speech and anything else that can offend are strictly prohibited.
  • Any offensive or inappropriate images such as cartoon porn will be deleted and the uploader will be warned because they are not allowed.
  • Don't make notes on pages other than userpage or talk page. So, it might be deleted.
  • Normal users are not permitted to edit or remove certain templates. Only administrators can do.
  • Any of entertaining articles such as hoaxes will be deleted or restored from edit history by the administrator if the article is unrelated to this and you have been warned.
  • Avoid plagiarizing pages from other websites without a permission from administration of this wiki or giving credit to other admins of the respective wikis. If some contents are copied from Wikipeda, then put the {{Wikipedia}} template at the start of the article.
  • Any fan-made media (fan-fictions) based on Space Monsters series and spin-offs are only allowed here in this wiki but remember, however, don't forget to put fan template at the start of any article (see template manual for more information) if non-canon. Fan-fictions that are not related to this like Frank Flip are slightly prohibited.
  • Every one-line articles must be expanded just like all article stubs. Otherwise, they will be deleted.
  • Don't put too many videos and pictures in the page. Or else, it will become complicated to load.
  • Native languages are not allowed on this wiki because it's in English. So the content must be translated and its grammar must be properly improved. By the way, there are foreign variants of this wiki with foreign languages.
  • No sockpuppets and/or accounts with unacceptable usernames allowed in this wiki.

Note: If you violate or not following these rules, then you receive a permanent ban too!