This article is all about the main setting featured in the entire series of Space Monsters and it's still parody. Not to be confused with Swedish city capital, Stockholm.

Stuckholmes City
 Type  City of Oregon
 Evironment  Urban area
 Country  United States of America
 State  Oregon
 County  Douglas
 Location  Somewhere in Douglas County
 Area  10.00+ sq mi
 Time zone  Pacific (UTC-8)
 Debut  Space Monsters
 Mayor  Leonard Cooper (proposed)
 Vice mayor  Michael Lance (proposed)
 Population  6,000+
 Established  1988 (exact date unknown)
 Cityhood  2008
 Incorporated  1998
 Status  Under urbanization
Real-life information
 Designer(s)  Axl Jet Baños

Stuckholmes City, commonly referred to as Holmes City, is an urban city where the Investigative Force's main headquarters was located in the American state of Oregon during the foundation with its several town founders who are planned to build enough. It is also set mainly in Space Monsters franchise before the Long Passage Incident takes place with outnumbered army of extraterrestrial invaders if the teleportation devices fell down to the surface on Earth, while the human investigation of defensive military force is preparing for resistance against destruction of an alien infestation inside the hazardous base.


The location of this city is found somewhere else in Douglas County within Southern Oregon, but impossibly unknown because it is considered an illusion place in America.

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