Space monsters portrait - syrax
Profile portrait of Syrax.
Background information
 Debut  Space Monsters
 Appearance(s)  Space Monsters
 Origin  Xenoria (alien homeworld)
 Family/Relative(s)  Roki (fellow predecessor)
 Friend(s)  None
 Enemy(ies)  Humans, Investigative Force
 Good point  Genius
 Bad point  Untrustworthy to earthlings
 Likes  World domination, universal conquering/hegemony
 Dislikes  Humanity, accepting withdrawal
 Affiliation  Space monsters
 Occupation  Mastermind
 Hobby(ies)  Annihilating and ruling humankind
 Ability(ies)  Massive destruction
 Alignment  Lawful Evil
 Status  Alive (later deceased)
 Race  Modified alien
 Gender  Unknown
Real-life information
 Designer(s)  Axl Jet Baños
 Voice(s)  Robin Atkin Downes (planned)
I've been waiting for you, earthling scum. My name is Syrax, the successor of my fellow Roki you slain. The time has finally come to trouble. I expect that I was taking my evil minions around to rid your humanity. That's why I would continue the previous job when it dies from long time ago. Now, you will face the consequences for this crisis of our planet and you fools must die forever. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!! If you dare, come here before I let you challenge against us!
~ Syrax

Syrax is the main antagonist of "The Revival" expansion update or the second campaign of Space Monsters, who serves as the final boss. It is also replaced to its fellow predecessor Roki.



Syrax was originated in the alien homeworld of Xenoria with the mechanical modifications after its predecessor beside other masterminds around. As a conqueror, it watches over the underlings working in their current residence but the extraterrestrial resources are running low, which may cause to be the planetary crisis. So they are trying to find out what they can do to this event. However, the only idea that Syrax and its alien army found is to create a dimensional warp to our solar system in case of exploring real things everywhere. Then they seek out the beautiful planet of life or earth as their main target to get any important resources in order to achieve their richness and survival under the control of Syrax, while the Investigative Force is searching for doomsday outbreak. This will lead to another alien incident called "The Revival".


Its namesake "Syrax" is a referrence to a female dragon of A Song of Ice and Fire. Another inspiration of this character is Cyrax, a member of Lin Kuei clan assassins in Mortal Kombat series.


Syrax has an armored body parts, yellow eyes inside its dark interior, alien blaster cannons and look similar to a Martian war machine from The War of The Worlds franchise. Besides, it is represented as a quadropodal mastermind.


Like Roki. As an untrusted one to humans, Syrax describes itself as a bigger bad who wants to dominate the world over humankind by using its control of its minions as extraterrestrial creatures from Xenoria.


Space Monsters

Syrax is known to be ruthless after Roki's death, which is caused by the hope of humanity since the Long Passage Incident had begun. It attempts to take the past actions as the time comes to the future next year, particularly in 2026. Before another case with the operation of Investigative Force, its situation is to create a new alien territory inside the cave and control serious invasion over humankind as their target for the world domination. So the heroes will face the defensive military resistance against the dangerous alien species again just like what they did in the spectacular year 2025.


Background information
In-game information

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