Alien-breed 11

Alien Breed by Team 17 is an example of top-down shooter games.

A top-down shooter game (sometimes known as twin-stick shooter or overhead shooter) is a sub-genre of the shooter game genre where the levels are controlled from and characterized by a top-down perspective (sometimes referred to as bird's-eye view, Overworld, overhead view or helicopter view) showing above the character.


The viewpoint of this genre is referred to a camera angle that shows the playable character and the area around them from above. While not exclusive to video games that utilize parallel projection, it was at one time common in many shooter video game titles, such as Alien Breed, Alien Shooter, Bosconian, Time Pilot, Crimsonland and Alien Swarm, as well as the other influences of the Space Monsters series. Other than shooter games, it is commonly used in 2D/3D role playing video games, wargames and construction and management simulation games like Undertale, SimCity and Railroad Tycoon, including action and action-adventure games like the first Legend of Zelda game and 2 entries of the Grand Theft Auto series.

The main focus is to fend off enemies surrounding the player by using any long-range or melee weapons while controlling any moving direction. Additionally, it can be used for any strategies through the level, such as solving puzzles, finding secrets, following in-game objectives and finding the way out in order to end the level.