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Xenoria (also to be called Xenoworld, Xenoverse or Xenopolis), far away from our solar system, is a home world of space monsters, the entire extraterrestrial creatures who are lived long to various residence and referred to their citizens as Xenorians. Aside from the original ancestors, this planet also includes other races who are bred from them like Zoarg (space bugs), Cyliens and Xenoforms (another breed as you mentioned above).


  • Its alias "Xenopolis" has been traditionally derived from 2011 musical album, which is owned by 2 Turkish artists named Baraná and Ceylan Ertem.
  • This planet also bears a resemblance of the other planet from the original Space Invaders arcade game, but it was previously a space-themed background inspiration from Star Wars.
  • The name of this planet, Xenoverse, is also a reference to a video game based on Dragon Ball media franchise after a title itself.